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Our newsletters that EPiMail sends out has an "Unsubscribed" link.  But I need to pass the recipient's guid with this link as I need the guid on my unsubscribed page.  Is it somehow possible to include the guid in the recipient's email like with the other attributes e.g. §guid§

 If not, the other option is to pass the recipient's email address as part of the querystring, but then how can I use an email address to get a Recipient object that I can use to unsubscribe the user?

Or is there an easier way to flag a recipient as unsubscribed?




#29699 May 08, 2009 15:16
    In the current version, you need to go through your recipients using the email address in combination with what recipient source and list was used for the message being unsubscribed.

    In the next release of EPiServer Mail (4.4.1), the attribute §recipientId§ will be available as you suggest. The release date is not yet set but not very far away.

    #29719 May 11, 2009 9:43
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    Trying to get the unsubscribe thing to work. If I just add the §unsubscribeUrl§ I get the  correct link, but as soon as i put it in a A tag, one of the querys gets washed away.

    I have this in my EpiserverMail.config:

    And this in my epimail template:
    <a href="§unsubscribeUrl§">Klicka hr om du ej vill ha flera nyhetsbrev</a>
    the query looks fine in the mail but when I get to the unsubscribe page the query looks like this:


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    I am having the same problem. Dont understand how to inculde an unsubscribe link. does anyone know how to do this?
    #32614 Sep 09, 2009 14:34
    I would also like a solution to an unsubscribe link in email. When the subscription emails get sent, there should be a link included in the email for them to unsubscribe/opt out. Anyone?
    #32735 Sep 15, 2009 14:10
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    I could not get unsubscribe to work using MVC based Razor templates e.g.

    <a href="http://domain/EPiServerMail/Public/Unsubscribe.aspx?rid=§recipientId§&mid=§messageId§">Unsubscribe</a>

    But they work ok in an .aspx template.

    Are Razor .cshtml templates supported for Unsubscribe links.

    #142026 Nov 26, 2015 17:48
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