When is dynamic properties loaded into CurrentPage?

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I want to write an HttpModule that does stuff based on a Dynamic property. So I hook up to the PostRequestHandlerExecute-event and cast the current Handler as PageBase. Works fine. However CurrentPage does not contain any dynamic properties. Why is that?
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    My guess is that it's because the CurrentPage is writeable in that state. It's only when a PageData object is read only that the Property getters will return dynamic properties.

    The PageData object never actually contains the dynamic properties, but has a handler that will return the them in the same way as you get "page" properties. But that handler will only be in effect for read only pages.


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    Try CurrentPage.PopulateDynamicProperties();
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    Sorry, but I've tried CurrentPage.PopulateDynamicProperties() and it throws an error "The PageData object is read-only."

    I could ofcourse use GetPage() but since the module will be run on each page request the pagedata would be loaded twice. I've also thought of DynamicProperty.Load, but since that makes a request to the database I'd like to avoid that also.

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