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Hello, we are now testing EPiServer CMS5 demo. Could you please explain, if it is possible to support several sites with different structure under one EPiServer? If it is, how is it licensed? Do we need separate license for each site? Can they all be managed from one EPiServer admin tool or each site requires different admin tool? Thanks a lot!

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    Hello Michael!

    You need separate licenses if the sites need a different start page and structure. If you want to administer and edit the sites from the same admin/edit-window you even need an Enterprise license which you can use for up to 15 sites.


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    Hello René!

    Thanks for quick answer!

    But I have another question. As far as I understood the demo license doesn't support managing several sites. So, there are no any buttons in the menu in the admin tool for creating several sites, right?

    If we buy an Enterprise license the design of the admin tool will be different and we will have possibilites the create/delete new sites, correct?

    Could you provide an information on it, or link where I can read more details about it?

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    Hi Michael

    The admin-interface will be still the same.

    With a Enterprise-license you can define several start-nodes in web.config (and some other things aswell).

    In edit-mode you just create several start-nodes below the Root-node, and then in web.config you can configure which start-node should be read from which domain/iis-instance etc.

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    Thank you very much!
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