Is there anyway to add your own EditorToolOption value?

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I have create my own editor plugin, but I only want it available within certain editor panels.

I have implemented the IConfigurableTool interface, however the only way I can see to specify if a editor option is available is through the EditorToolOption enum. This would mean linking weither my plugin is available to weither one or more other options are available or not.

I assume there is no way to exend the list of options listed on the XHTML property editor configuration list? Or to pass any other values accross the IConfigurableTool.Available is called?

Any suggestions would be great...


#27309 Jan 26, 2009 15:16
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    You basically have to roll your own configuration when your plugin should be available or not. You can base it on page types, availability of special properties, web.config settings, roles etc.



    #27337 Jan 27, 2009 9:01