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I'm using the LinkCollectionto link to a seriesof pages. I want to useclicakble images, not clickable tet, but this seems to be disabled.  Do I need to set some config to enable it, or is the set up incorrect? 

Anyone else seen this problem?


#27300 Jan 23, 2009 18:28
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    It seems that this option is disabled in the linkcreator popup. The underlying LinkItem class that is used to render the links doesn't have any properties/methods that support images either.

    There is a module on epicode that might help you. Its called PageContainer.

    Or if it's only pages that you wan't to list why don't you use the PageList webcontrol and register the information on the pages being listed and create the html markup yourself within the itemtemplate?

    Per Nergard


    #27302 Jan 25, 2009 12:14

    Hi Per,

    Thanks for that.  Will look at the PageContainer module.  Not sure that the PageList control will work: I would ideally like the editor to be able to add any page as a link and associate any image as a clickable reference to the page.  I think that this may not be workable using with the PageList.

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    #27377 Jan 27, 2009 15:36
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    yo may also look at Itera.MultiProperty. If you want a list of different propertyes that is exactly what it does.

    #27389 Jan 27, 2009 20:07