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Is it possible to adapt the size of the dynamic content popup window? I use a custom edit control which does not fit in the window, resulting in scrollbars. Not fatal, but it would be neat if the whole control was displayed without scrollbars.
#27227 Jan 21, 2009 14:50
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    I guess you could resize the window using JavaScript in your custom control.


    #27264 Jan 22, 2009 11:23
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    A little update. In the upcoming SP1 for EPiServer CMS R2 we have made a fix so that the dynamic content window will automatically resize to try to fit all properties contained inside it. Depending on the size of the content and the size of the screen it might not be possible to fit the entire control, but an attempt will be made.

    Hopefully that will get rid of your annoying scrollbars.


    Per Gunsarfs
    EPiServer CMS development team

    #27392 Jan 28, 2009 10:05
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    Will it be able to handle custom edit controls as well as standard properties?

    #27400 Jan 28, 2009 13:53
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    Yes, that was the goal of the fix. What we do is that we  check the size of all controls and chang the width of the dialog to fit them, if possible. The width will of course never get wider then the screen.

    It's somewhat dependant of the html of course, but unless there is something very "strange" it should work fine (we hope Smile).


    Per Gunsarfs

    #27405 Jan 28, 2009 16:38
    The resizing itself seems to work great, but I have a Dynamic Content popup with a big ASP:Panel and an Iframe inside of it (ugly, I know) and the OK and Cancel buttons disappear after the popup gets resized. I guess they somehow end up under my Panel or something. Any ideas?
    #28060 Feb 18, 2009 16:27

    Seems strange...
    Could you give us a hint with some code?
    Not knowing much I would try with some regular css changes. Could possibly have something to do with IE hasLayout property.
    overflow: hidden and a width on the panel would trigger hasLayout.
    The easy way to trigger is zoom: 1.

    But I am only guessing.

    #28224 Feb 25, 2009 22:22
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