Many open UDP ports


Is it normal to have thousand of open UDP ports on a high trafficated website when you are using the RemoteEventListner (for chache handling)?
It seems like the ports remains until the next application pool recycling.

#27221 Jan 21, 2009 13:31
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    Are you running CMS 5 SP2 by any chance? There is this known issue there:

    #10566 EPiServer Events System consumes all UDP ports after is has been running for several hours

    This issue is fixed in SP3 and later.

    #27224 Jan 21, 2009 14:35

    I am running CMS 5 SP1 (5.1.422.122), so upgrading to SP3 will fix it?

    #27226 Jan 21, 2009 14:50
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    The bug was found in SP2 but it's entirely possible that it was existing in SP1 aswell.

    I can't say for sure if upgrading to SP3 will fix it but I would try upgrading and test if that helps resolve the issue.

    #27228 Jan 21, 2009 15:09
    Thank you, I will upgrade to SP3.
    #27229 Jan 21, 2009 15:11
    Will an upgrade to SP3 affect my database or does it only affect the EPiServer files within the webroot?
    #27267 Jan 22, 2009 12:20
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    There are no changes made to the database when upgrading from SP2 to SP3. But since you're using SP1 you're going to have to upgrade the database as well.

    #27271 Jan 22, 2009 13:40

    The UDP problem is gone after upgrading to CMS 5 SP3 so I'll guess the UDP bug exists in SP1 aswell.

    #27406 Jan 29, 2009 9:57
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