Is there a difference between the demo templates?

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In my trial and error stages of installing the demo templates, I see no difference between the sites I get with the Relate+ and "for intranet" templates. I was at a presentation were there was explicitly stated that there would be a difference - but I only see css changes. Is this a correct observation?

I still can't get the templates to work, due to the issues presented here (Cultutre issues, RSS feeed aggregator, duplicate inserts in Dictionar etc.) but that is adressed in the correct thread.

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    It is a correct observation that from a technical point of view, the only difference is CSS and images as for now. The idea is to create more niched template sets in the future. However, there is a big difference in the pricing of member packages where the Intranet edition have a much lower entry level. Also, the Intranet edition includes the Sharepoint Connector.

    Could you please elaborate regarding the other issues you mentioned (RSS feed aggregator and duplicate inserts in Dictionar) that you say are preventing the templates to work? I can't seem to find any threads about them.

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    Hi Per,

    Thanks for answering. Regarding the issues I mentioned, this thread has the discussion:

    #27246 Jan 22, 2009 9:17
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