Unable to select TIF-files in ImageURL-property

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I have a property of type ImageURL (swe 'URL till Bild') where I can't select an image with extension tif in the "Select Image" dialog.

If I upload a tif-file, then select and press OK I get 'Please select an image first'.

Are there any settings to allow certain file-types? If so, where do I find this?



#27036 Jan 15, 2009 9:46
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    If I look into the source behind the 'Select picture'-page it looks like You should be able to select .tiff files.

    In the checkIfImage()-function contains different picture file-extensions and .tiff is one of them but I can't select .tiff either.

    I'm using EPiServer CMS 5.2.375.7

    #27066 Jan 15, 2009 14:16
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    Anyone knowing a solution to select a TIF-file in the URL to Image property?

    #27592 Feb 03, 2009 17:04
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    I've used a "URL to document" instead.
    #27594 Feb 03, 2009 17:33
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    I use also Url to document, and convert the tiff to png or jpg
    #27598 Feb 03, 2009 23:12
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