EPiServer Exception: PageReference string contains too many components [15_02_2008_B2B]

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 We are getting this exception on one of our client sites. I have tried searching for some more information about the nature of the exception but can't find any mention here on the forum or in the EPiServer sdk. Does anyone have any pointers as to what is causing the error.

 Many thanks


#26401 Dec 04, 2008 10:14
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    What version of EPiServer is this? 

    Looks like the pagereference is created for a remotesite named "2008_B2B", in which case the .Parse() method will fail (as it splits the string on the character '_' and reports an error if the split returns > 3 parts).

    Try renaming the remotesite (if possible) to not include the '_'-character.


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    Hi Johan 

    It is in CMS 5.

     Yes you are right it is a remote site. I will change the naming of the remote site and see if that sorts the trouble.


    many thanks  for your very speedy advice.

    It is greatly appreciated.


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    It could be argued whether the bug is in the remote asite admin page allowing '_'-characters in remotesite names *or* in PageReference.Parse() not handling those cases.

    Thanks for bringing this to our notice! 


    #26408 Dec 04, 2008 11:29