Mailing a EPiServer page in CMS 5?

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Whenever I select a EPiServer CMS page for my HTML content it says 'No HTML content' found on the Preview/Send page, and displays a little red star next to the Browse button when I switch back to the HTML-content page. Anyone else experienced this? Creating my own HTML content or fetching an external URL seems to work flawlessly.

I'm using CMS 5 and the latest version of EPiServer Mail (4.3.0).

#26390 Dec 03, 2008 14:11
    It sounds like the page you are using as content is not in published state?
    #26392 Dec 03, 2008 15:24
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    All the pages I have tried are published in all the languages that exist on the website.

    #26411 Dec 04, 2008 13:31
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    Hi Kristian,

    Is it possible for your server to resolve the URL you are connecting to? What I mean is if you are browsing from your server, will the server be able to reach the site?


    #26969 Jan 12, 2009 9:24
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    Thank you Tom, the problem was that our preview server was unreachable without the proper authentication procedure. The issue did not appear at all in the live environment.
    #27575 Feb 03, 2009 11:37
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    Great news!


    #27606 Feb 04, 2009 11:04
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    Make sure that your siteUrl-setting in Web.config/EPiServer.config is correct. I had problems with EPiServer Mail preview/sending when using an alternative hostname different from the one defined in siteUrl.

    #52102 Jul 06, 2011 14:52
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