Migration problems, error in table name?

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In the first step of migrating a site from 4.62 to 5R2 i get this error: 

Validation of the configuration files failed. General errors: Validation failed: Invalid object name 'tblPagetype'

I notice that the table is actually called tblPageType (with capital T), could this be the problem? Where does the migration tool find the faulty table name?

#26286 Dec 01, 2008 12:20
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    I searched all the stored procedures of both databases and there is no reference to tblPagetype without capital T in neither the source nor the destination database.
    #26287 Dec 01, 2008 13:46
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    Seems to be a bug when form properties are validated, can't find it lowercased elsewhere in the code. I'll report it.

    The obvious, but the most work, is to switch to a case-insensitive database. But, you may want to try to add a view named tblPagetype that basically does a SELECT * FROM tblPageType, that could work.


    #26290 Dec 01, 2008 15:03
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    It's a bug in the migration tool, not in any of the EPiServer versions?

    I tried to add the tblPagetype view, but then I had the same problem with tblPageTypeDefinition. After adding another view it starts to complain about column names instead: property, pkid, description. All lower case. I can not find any reference to the misspelled table in the database, the lowercase pkid is however used in the stored procedures editFormPostingList, usrKeywordFind, usrFindPersonalizedProperty and editSaveKeyword.

    I suppose I can't do very much but to move the data to a case-insensitive database? Or when can I expect the bug to be fixed?

    #26310 Dec 02, 2008 6:38
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    Yes, I suggest that you move over the database to a case-insenstive database for now. Its a bug in the Migration Tool.

    #26315 Dec 02, 2008 9:30
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