Whats the deal with SP3?

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Trying to find out whats so wrong with SP3, if anything. X3 does not officially support SP3. Why? In R2 there is an option to upgrade an existing R1 SP2 site, not SP3. Why? What is so wrong with SP3 and if we have it can we go back to SP2 or is that even necessary?
#26208 Nov 25, 2008 15:41
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    I'm about to upgrade a production environment to SP3. Can someone from EPiServer answer Tobias' questions? If upgrading to SP3 means I will not be able to do an "easy" upgrade to R2, I will upgrade to SP2 instead... (which sounds kinda strange)
    #26250 Nov 27, 2008 12:17
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    Hi Lars Øyvind and Tobias.

    I have upgraded both an R1 SP2 and an R1 SP3 site to R2 with the manager option "Upgrade Site from 5.1 SP2", and both worked fine.

    Br, Tore

    #26251 Nov 27, 2008 12:46
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    SP3 only contains 21 bug fixes so its a much smaller release than SP2 that had 122 bug fixes. One of the bug fixes in SP3 related to enterprise sites required a change in how the configuration loaded causing incompatibilites with some modules.

    You can upgrade to R2 from both SP2 and SP3, the upgrade text should have said that.


    #26252 Nov 27, 2008 13:31
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