Query for contacts with portraits


Is it possible to query the contacts of a user, to only get the contacts where the users have a portrait?

#26085 Nov 19, 2008 18:06
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    Hi Mattias,


    I'll have to verify this with the community team, but I don´t think it's possible due to the fact that there are no way of getting a user's MyPage via a property on the user object.



    #26822 Dec 23, 2008 14:18
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    Hi again,

    I've checked with the community team, as I suspected this is not possible.

    The work around would be to either get all the contacts, do the check and sort in memory. Or get the IDs of the contacts and do a MyPage query where the user ID must be in the IDs you got from the contacts.


    #27286 Jan 23, 2009 15:47
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