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I have a problem with the new Link Collection property in R2. I need to use two such properties in one page type and the problem is that links are only added to the one which is rendered last. So if I try to add a link to the first LinkCollection property, the link is actually added to the second LinkCollection property.

My question is: Is this by design (and, in this case, is there a way to get around the problem) or am I doing something wrong?


David Reinhold 

#24739 Oct 07, 2008 8:39
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    I reported it as a bug(#15041). I guess you could try to patch it in UI/edit/PropertyLinkCollectionEditControl.ascx yourself. The problem seems to be a global javascript that references non-global control IDs...

    #24777 Oct 07, 2008 17:34
    Have you found a possible solution to this? Would be appreciated.
    #25122 Oct 14, 2008 13:39
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    This is a pretty serious issue. When could we expect a fix, or atleast a workaround? I was looking forward to using an "official" property for this instead of custom ones.
    #25123 Oct 14, 2008 13:40
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    We have the same problem, so I hope this is a priortized issue which will be fixed quickly.
    #25198 Oct 15, 2008 9:17
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    Its already fixed and pending approval by the test team, but there is no easy workaround right now..
    #25200 Oct 15, 2008 9:34
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    When can we expect a fix being released?
    #25455 Oct 27, 2008 10:48
    When can we expect a fix being released? Is i going to be soon or do I have to use another multiple link implementation?
    #26114 Nov 20, 2008 15:53
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    I'm pretty sure that we sent a hotfix for this to the support team about two weeks ago but it might be that this has not been published to the public yet. Please contact the support team to get hold of this hotfix.

    Linus Ekström
    EPiServer Development Team

    #26137 Nov 20, 2008 19:28
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    has this fix been issued? We have found the same problem.

    Looks like it's time for older/trusted the multi page property again..

    #27277 Jan 22, 2009 17:56
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    Bug #15041 has been fixed. It will be released in the upcomming SP1 for EPiServer CMS R2 scheduled to be released very soon. (e.g. 1-2 weeks).


    #27278 Jan 22, 2009 21:12
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