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It wouldbe nice if it was possible to cross publish an article.
Today one can only copy an article or mirror is (which still copies the article).

With true cross publishing, there is only one article, whilst all other instances of this article point to the main article.

So if one is to change the article text anywhere on the site, all other instances of the text is automatically "updated" because they are all showing the same article.

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    PS. It would be a REALLY nice feature if I was able to edit my mainarticle and correct spelling mistakes Wink
    #20294 May 26, 2008 13:05

    PPS. It would be REALLY REALLY nice if I was able to edit my own comments. It doesn't work with Opera 9.27.

     Tongue out

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    Hi Seven,

    Couldn't you just create a page and use the Shortcut/External Link to make a shortcut to the article you publish?

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    Hi Peter. 

    No, beacuse of a coupple of reasons;

    1. Using a link will "forward" the user to a different place.

    For example; You navigate to the health section of a site beacause you are
    interested in training and diet. An article has been published under food recipies
    which is on a different section of the website - or even wors, on a different web 
    site using the same EPiServer. 

    It's bad usability to "move the user" from one place to another. My guess is that 
    the user would like to stay on the same section without having to navigate back.

    2. It would not be possible to show the article in an article list. 

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    But the tab "Shortcut/External" also gives you the option to "Fetch data from page in EPiServer".That would allow you to create an article under section X, create a reference page under section Y (linking to the first page), and when clicking the link to your page under section Y, you'd stay in section Y but the contet of your Y page would be fetched from the article under the X section.

    -start (id: 1)

    -X(id: 2)

    --article(id: 4)

    -Y(id: 3)

    --article from x (id: 5, fetch data from 4)


    I might have misunderstood you, but isn't that what you are requesting?

    #20302 May 26, 2008 14:35

    Thanks for the tip Greger.
    It's a bit oposit of my way of thinking, but in theory this should work well.

    I just tested this on our Intranet now.
    I created a new page in my department and  used "Fetch data from page in EPiServer" as you said.

    I was still required to enter page name and to enter data in any mandatory fields.
    When published, all that was shown was my text "test test".

    So that didn't quite work.
    Am I missing some code here in my tempalet file?



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    In the editor (MainBody) you cannot enter your own text "test test". It needs to be empty to fetch data from another page.


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    Hi Per.
    That worked.

    But this still doesn't compensate for true cross publishing.

    - The original headline is not shown
    - The intro text (ingress) is not shown
    - Related items are not show
    - And other customized attributes are probably not shown.


    Looks like the only thing it does is to copy the main body of the article. 
    So there still is a need for proper cross publishing.

    About 90% of our clients request this feature, and we can only provide workarounds :(

    So hopefully this will come in a future version :) 

    #20421 May 28, 2008 14:05
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    Perhaps this thread is kind of dead.....long time since it was created. But issue is still relevant.

    We use this feature and want to use use it more frequent. BUT - the problem is that writers do not have a clue about that a page might be shown elsewehere than the original source. Even if the made the "Fetch data from page in EPiServer" themselves.

    They forget and they start to build threes below that page. And that threestructure is NOT shown at the other places. So writers believe then have updated information but information is missing at the "other" place.

    I would like to have either:

    1. a warning mechanism that tells me that this page is shown elsewhere when I start to build threes udner it
    2. or a checkbox telling CMS to show the new three structure at the "other" place - if it is relevant
    3. or both :))


    #31215 Jul 09, 2009 11:47
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