Episerver forms - timestamp in submission tab does not convert to local time

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Iam trying to resolve an issue regarding episerver forms on my site where the timestamp that is stored the database for submissions as "UTC coordinated universal time" is not converted to local time that the CMS user looking at the submission tab has but instead stays in the database timezone format. The field is the standard field called "Time".

This is not a constant issue and it seems to happen when the site restarts in the IIS. Until a form is a submitted after the restart the timestamp will not convert to the correct timezone for any user.

After a submission is made however the timestamp converts timezone again like it should to local time, until the next restart..

Any help is much appreciated! 

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    Hi Jonas,
    I moved your posting to the Forms forum.

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    Hi Jonas Ciechomski,

    After restarting IIS, your Form Submission view will show incorrect timezone (DB timezone), and if you submit one more record it will be correct again?

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    @Phu that is correct, until the next site restart where it goes to DB timezone again.. its very strange

    #185081 Nov 09, 2017 9:38