Possibility to display Error status for manually started jobs directly in UI.

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Like onStatusChanged but perhaps a red box displaying that something went wrong in the job.

#182672 Sep 27, 2017 15:19
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    there is a indicator for particular job that failed to execute successfully within last cycle. but not built-in ;) here it is

    #183110 Oct 05, 2017 13:45
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    Thanks Valdis, 
    Not exactly what I was looking for. When manually executing a job, I would like to give the user a notification directly on the same view that something did not execute correctly. Like how onStatusChanged displays the status periodicly but as a separate box and in the end of the job, For Example: A line in an import did not get imported. then I want to notify the user that she/he should look in the log files for more information or something like that. :)

    #183112 Oct 05, 2017 13:52
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    guess easily achievable either ;) how would you signal error back to epi? throwing an exception? returning message?

    #183113 Oct 05, 2017 13:57
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    I talked to a guy at Epi, he did not have any solution that I could use. So right now we are building a string with every error we have in the job and if the job crashes what the last article it was working on and so on. So basicly a long string (returning message). Then we send an email with the error message to the users in a certain group. 

    we wanted to solve it with eather the mail or directly in UI, so we took the easy way out and used email alerts :P

    #183115 Oct 05, 2017 14:04
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    I have a solution where you can use even standard logger (log4net) Error severity in all the subsequent services (logger must be injected) and as result returning all the entries collected ;)

    #183116 Oct 05, 2017 14:13
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    How are you displaying the collected entries then? Can you display it in the view where you manually start the job? 

    #183118 Oct 05, 2017 14:20
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    entries are collected and converted to string and returned to the framework. meaning that it's displayed as result of the job. same problem as you have at the moment ;)

    #183166 Oct 06, 2017 7:28
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    So you display it on the same view as you start a job?
    Could you explain how you push out the message to get displayed there then?

    #183168 Oct 06, 2017 8:23
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    no, it's not displayed on the same page. it's visible on the log viewer tab. however - I'm thinking that displaying result on the same page is *doable*. as I'm for instance intercepting page instruction and adding couple of buttons there (without changing original source code)...

    #183169 Oct 06, 2017 8:26
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    Now I'm with you.

    Could you explain how you added the buttons without changing original source code? 

    #183171 Oct 06, 2017 8:49
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