Episerver 10: Combining multiple promotion coupon in the cart throws error

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We have two coupons,

  1. one 30% of a lineItem - lineitem coupon
  2. One is 100% off on shipping charge. - shipping coupon

We have total based shipping. So this is causing an issue.

When we apply both this coupon to the cart we get internal server error. Looking more details into error, it seems this is what is happening.

Total before discount $53.44 / This puts you in shipping cost bracket of $9.99 

So when you apply SHIP2 coupon the shipment discount = 9.99 

Your total shipping charge = 9.99 -9.99 = 0.00 

Applying coupon MPMPA30 gives you 30% off. So now your total is 53.44 - 16.03 = 37.41 

So you are now in shipping cost bracket of 5.99 

But the SHIP2 discount was already calculated as 9.99 

So shipment charge = 5.99-9.99 = $-4.00 (negative) This throws error

Is there any way you can decide the priority/sequence in which the coupons are applied, with epi 10 promotion module?

#181154 Aug 09, 2017 19:56
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    You can set the priority of promotions, so promotion with coupon A can be processed in promotion with coupon B.

    However this sounds like a bug for me. What version are you using? Would you mind trying Commerce 10.8.0 to see if it's fixed? 

    #181157 Aug 10, 2017 0:28
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    Hi Quan!

    For this particular project we are using Episerrver Commerce 10.4.3

    How can we set the promotion priority in new promotion module?

    Do you remember if this is a known bug, and if it fixed in a later version?

    #181174 Aug 10, 2017 16:09
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    This page explains how a merchandiser would apply discount priorities: http://webhelp.episerver.com/latest/commerce/marketing/prioritizing-discounts.htm.

    #181175 Aug 10, 2017 16:52
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    Thank you Bob!

    That helped.

    #181177 Aug 10, 2017 18:28