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Hi guys,

I am looking to build a moderated, members only discussion forum within an Episerver Website and I have come across Episerver Social and its features. I am wondering if there is a trial/demo account which I can use to set up Episerver Social on my local environment and test its features?


#177258 Apr 06, 2017 11:07
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    Last time I checked, Social is only available for customers running DXC. :/

    #177263 Apr 06, 2017 13:35
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    Episerver Social is available for use with DXC Service (Cloud) as well as on prem versions of DXC. However the Episerver Social product itself is only available as cloud service.

    Episerver EMVPs have access to demo instances of Episerver Social. And if there are specific prospect or customer situations, we can work with you for these trials. These are available on a controlled basis, through product management. Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to discuss.

    #177291 Apr 06, 2017 17:44
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    A portal for provisioning trial developer instances of Episerver Social is now available. You'll find it here: https://demo.social.episerver.net.

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