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I'd like to have a multi-step approval process for publishing pages. Essentially I want our editors to have the ability to add/edit content, that would then get submitted to a reviewed, who would approve it, then it would get sent to a publisher who is a single person in charge of publishing content / submitting for translations.

Episerver has a very simple request for approval / publish system workflow. Is there any way I can add onto this? Also the out of the box approval process doens't seem to have any type of email notification. Is this just something I'm missing?


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    This should be a part of Episerver Projects, check out this post.

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  • While EPiServer 6 supports .net 4, it's not actually built against 4.0, so I believe you're restricted to using the .NET 3.5 WF features.

    The SDK has a pretty comprehensive guide to creating custom workflows.  Take a look here: Developers Guide > Advanced Features > Workflows  Pega Training

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  • Hello,

    Depending on the type of organisation that you work for, you may need some type of content approval process within your Episerver website where a compliance team, or just simply your manager, needs to approve your changes before it gets published to the live website. 

    Here's how to build a custom EPiServer workflow. There is a fair amount of information about EPiServer workflows (most of which are nicely summarised by Frederik Vig in his amazingly useful EPiServer Developer Resources).

    Content approval may look simple but it is really powerful. Out of the box, anyone with Episerver admin privileges can set-up basic work. If you need more advanced features, like email notifications then your developers can do this with minimal work. Content approval is a big step forward compared to the old workflow systems, which were difficult to understand, set-up and customise.

    Hope this helps, Thanks.


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    Hi Paul

    These are the content approvals that Madison has mentioned:


    They are fully released now and support Draft > Ready for Approval > Ready to publish > Published states

    Documentation on usage here: http://webhelp.episerver.com/latest/cms-edit/content-approvals.htm


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    The fully-released version of content approvals is available in CMS UI 10.8.0 or higher. If you want to use groups in the approval process, you need CMS UI version 10.10.0 or higher.

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