WSRP support in EPi CMS?

Will there be WSRP support in future releases of CMS?
#15914 Dec 06, 2007 13:12
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    Hi! I can not give you a definitive answer is this will be implemented in EPiServer CMS 5. This is on our with list but pretty far down at the moment so this is nothing that is planned for the next release. My best guess is that with that into consideration you should not asume that this will released within the next year.
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    Because of an increasing market need, it has been decided that WSRP-support will be reimplemented into EPiServer CMS 5. This will be done in the form of an Open Source project which will open up the technology to a broader range of developers.

    The work with this will probably *start* in the later part of 2008.


    #21211 Jun 23, 2008 9:17
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    Is there any news with regards to estimated time to completion for this feature?


    #26528 Dec 10, 2008 11:01
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    I would also like some updates on this. I have a customer who want to look into possibilities to integrate JSR-168 portlets, and this can be done using WSRP, right?
    #26553 Edited, Dec 10, 2008 20:29
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    If you put your JSR168 portlets in a WSRP producer you will be able to consume them from EPiServer... 



    #28466 Mar 09, 2009 18:42
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    Whats the status of WSRP support. Anything new in 6.0?
    #32866 Sep 22, 2009 11:17
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    Sometimes I believe I cannot read. It is already printed in the releasenotes. Not much of text -but anyhow ;)

    At the bottom of page.

    But to be true - I searched at your website and only found only old articles. Not the releasenotes. Don´t seem to be indexed ;-/



    #32881 Sep 22, 2009 15:29
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