Avoid login when downloading files?

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Hi! I guess this problem is easy to fix with some kind of setting, I just don't know which one. We're building an intranet and whenever a user is opening an uploaded file from the site the user is prompted to enter a username/password (even if the user is logged in). Sometimes the user has to do this three times! I just noticed that if you just hit cancel instead the file will still open, so the login is not even needed! How can I avoid this login procedure? We're using CMS 5.1, with integrated windows login using WindowsMembershipProvider. Thanks /Erik Lidälv
#13382 Mar 05, 2008 17:16
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    Do you get a "forms login" or a "windows login" box?
    #19090 Mar 19, 2008 11:22
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    Hi! I get a Windows login. I only receive this with IE 7, not IE 6.. Hmm /Erik
    #19091 Mar 25, 2008 13:46

    Hi, got the same problem.

    Did you find a solution for it?

    #27480 Jan 30, 2009 15:08