Delete language version of page?

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Is there any way to delete a certain language version of a page, while keeping the other version(s)?
#13077 Jun 15, 2007 16:41
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    HI there - was this ever answered by anyone?  It seems like a simple thing to do yet I cannot find out how to delete a language version of the page?


    #28589 Mar 16, 2009 13:47


    Do you want to delete it programmatically or from edit mode?

    If you right click on the page in the page tree in edit mode there should be a right-click menu alternative for deleting language versions.

    If you want to delete it programmatically theres the DeleteLanguageBranch method in DataFactory.

    #28593 Edited, Mar 16, 2009 13:55
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    hahahah how simple! - was just trying to delete it from edit mode -that's brilliant!

    Thanks heaps for your help!

    #28624 Mar 16, 2009 15:51