Events not fiering on postback

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We're experiencing problems with postback events not firing when using friendly urls. If we cange the config to using regular urls like “default.aspx?id=1“ the events starts firing again. Is this a feature or a “bug” in the product??? If it’s a bug is there a fix for it? We’re using Epi Server 4.60 Cheers
#12690 Jun 28, 2006 10:45
    Hello. Is this an upgrade or a new installation ? If this is an upgrade, have you added this code in the header.ascx as said in the release notes ? /Øyvind
    #14748 Jun 28, 2006 16:18
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    Its a new install, and has been added to the header.ascx. we're btw running on .Net 2.0
    #14749 Jun 29, 2006 10:59
    Thank you Øyvind, it solved our problem!
    #14750 Aug 15, 2007 13:49
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    I have the same problem. We have several search-pages where the user inputs what to search for and then presses a button. It works find without friendly urls, but when I turn friendly urls on the buttons doesn't perform postbacks. That is, the pages does relaod, but in the pageload the IsPostback is false and the click-event never fires.

     I have <episerver:FriendlyUrlRegistration runat="server"/> in the header.ascx.

     Any suggestions?

    #20440 May 29, 2008 15:50
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    Did you solve this problem? We're having the same problem on 4.61 with .NET 1.1.
    #25013 Oct 09, 2008 14:18
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    Markus, if you search your generated HTML-source, can you find "post.aspx"? It should be in a small script and is the output of the FURL tag.
    #25040 Oct 10, 2008 9:52
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    Is this what your refering to?

    <script type='text/javascript'>document.forms[0].action='/Sok/Post.aspx';</script>

    Our search page is pretty much unchanged from your templates.



    #25053 Oct 10, 2008 13:31


    I'm having the same problem as the events are not firing up. Every single button has became virtually dead...  I'm currently using .net 2.0 and Episerver 4.61.

    Has anyone found a solution for this?? 


    #26270 Nov 28, 2008 17:06
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    Hugo, does the postback occur at all? Make sure that you have the friendlyurlregistration control registered
    #26274 Nov 29, 2008 19:02

    Hi Lars.

    The postback is posting back to the episerver "unfriendly" url, this recieves a 301 redirect, and is then sent to the friendly url.  the post data is lost as the 301 forces a HTTP GET.

    I managed to get it working without the friendly urls, which itself is also a problem.

    What do you mean by having the control registered? The friendlyurl assembly is being called from a http handler declared in web.config file.


    #26325 Dec 02, 2008 12:48
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