Episerver 19.2 and .SVGs

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We created the following ImageFile:

[ContentType(GUID = "EC690FD2-FA41-4DDF-BE5F-887B735546B9")]
    [MediaDescriptor(ExtensionString = "jpg,jpeg,jpe,ico,gif,bmp,png,svg")]
    public class ImageFile : ImageData
        public virtual string Description { get; set; }
        public virtual string Copyright { get; set; }

in order to allow upload of .svg files to EPiServer.

When I try to insert a .SVG file thourgh EPiServer I recieve the following error:

POST http://[domain]EPiServer/cms/Stores/contentversion/ 500 (Internal Server Error)
dojo.js:15 _317 {message: "Unable to load /EPiServer/cms/Stores/contentversion/ status: 500", response: Object, status: 500, responseText: "<!DOCTYPE html> ↵<html> ↵ <head> ↵

Does anyone have any input on how to fix this error?

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#118783 Mar 13, 2015 14:09
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    A little bit more additional information. I see the following lines in my episerver error log:

    ERROR EPiServer.Framework.Web.AspNetAntiForgery: Cross-site request forgery detected

    ERROR EPiServer.Global: 1.2.5 Unhandled exception in ASP.NET
    System.InvalidOperationException: This request has probably been tampered with. Close the browser and try again.

    The AppData folder is on a network share.

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    A shot in the dark, but do you have a MIME type setup for SVG in config?

    #119445 Mar 27, 2015 17:51
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    Hi Ted

    Thank you for your reply. I double-checked my MIME-type-settings after your reply, and they were set.

    It seems that my issue was solved after we setup folder permissons explicitly for the AppPool-user on the AppData network share.

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    #119538 Edited, Mar 30, 2015 7:53