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Two new EMVPs

I’m extremely happy to announce that both Alexander Haneng and Lee Crowe have been promoted to EMVPs.

Yesterday at the Tech Forum in Norway I presented the news about Alexander with the following motivation.

For being one of the most active contributors on EPiServer World, Alexander has, in a very short time, made a name for himself in the EPiSphere. His open source projects have taken off and are being used by other EPiServer developers all over the world. He has been invited as a speaker at several EPiServer meetups where he has presented his work in an exceptional way.

Regarding Lee, I have never received this many nominations from you guys before, which really shows how appreciated he is. Just to give two examples:

“Lee is very appreciated in the EPiServer community and is always interested in helping out. In addition to that, he has made some really nice plugins and is a frequent blogger.”

“Apart from contributing a number of open source projects to the EPiServer community and writing excellent blog posts, Lee has also made several significant contributions to the Page Type Builder project.”

Very well deserved gentlemen!

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