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  • Impressions from the SPLASH 2011 conference

    I have been to a number of IT-related conferences, but they have all been industry/practitioners events, usually the Microsoft PDC:s etc. These conferences are good and focused on delivering knowledge that you can take home and use today. However ... 0

  • CSS styles in the editor

    First I want to point out that I am not a designer in any way (ask some EPiServer old-timer about the "Magnus Login dialog"...) and I have limited experience in working with CSS. In other words, this blog post is way outside my usual comfort zone.... 4

  • Do we really need yet another HTML parser?

     In EPiServer Framework we now (since the Community 4 release) ship a new HTML parser. I will do some more technically oriented posts later on, but for now I just wanted to explain why we decided to invest in a new parser. Why do we need a HTML... 3

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