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  • Wrap Up – Third Sydney Episerver Meetup

    First I want to say thanks @Nicola and 1990 Digital and Episerver for hosting this session. I learned a lot and I’m started starving for the next meetup!   Nicola spoke about her new tool ‘EpiserverCmsAudit’. This tool is really awesome and can help you to find the usage of your content type. Very nice dashboard […]

  • Make your inRiver Connector Compatible with Episerver DXCS

    Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service (DXCS) relies on Microsoft Azure, where the infrastructure is based on the concept of automatic scaling. It means, any Azure Web-App running through DXCS can clone itself, to accommodate load in peak situations, or to mitigate failures. It does bring a great amount of benefits! It though also require yo...

  • ImageVault Media Gallery – our latest and most popular news

    Have you ever wished that you could display some parts of your files in ImageVault in a neat public way? Maybe those files of general interest, a press gallery, for the inhabitants in a municipality or perhaps resellers? Well, you can now stop whishing! We have listened to all our customers and made their dream come true with the perfect solutio...

  • Episerver World & Forum Posting Tips

    Episerver World One of the great benefits about working with Episerver as a platform, is the great Episerver World area. For those who are new or don't know, there are some of the great features that are available Episerver Technical Documentation - Episerver has a rich documentation system for all the different products in the platform ... 3

  • Call for EMVP Nominations

    It’s that time of year again! We are once again requesting your assistance in recommending those you feel should be made an Episerver Most Valued Professional (EMVP). For those who are unaware, we have changed the EMVP program so we accept nominations all year long, but are now evaluating on a quarterly basis.  An EMVP is someone who actively –...

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Episerver releases

By: Asa Sundin

―Or why you don’t have to ask “When is the next Episerver version coming?” Many software companies release new versions of their software once a year, and maybe some smaller bug fix releases in between. Episerver takes another approach and releases almost every week.

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