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  • Delayed approval email notifications

    Up to this point, if you had SMTP configured, your editors would receive immediate emails about every approval step that the content went into. In cases when a page goes through a long approval sequence - is reviewed at few steps, declined, marked as ready for review once again, approved, etc. it would cause the editors to be flooded with emails...

  • Handling Huge Number of Article Pages using Date Structured Container Pages in EPiServer

    I have been inspired by some interesting post about how to handle large amounts of pages in EPiServer such as this one, this other one, and last but not the least this one. All of them point to use a… Continue reading →

  • Using the Handlebars templates with SendGridForEpi

    SendGrid has marked Substitutions as Legacy and switched to Handlebars for the transactional templates. I'm pretty sure you've checked out the Handlebars.js syntax and know that it's a powerful way to insert data into a template. This is very welcome since for example looping stuff in a typical SendGrid template case such as an order confirmatio...

  • A way of working in a multi-developer team with Episerver DXC-Service

    There are probably as many ways of collaborating on Episerver projects, as there are teams out there. This is an approach that I have been using in my teams for quite a while now, and it has served us well. When working with Episerver DXC-Service, you get three environments, Integration, Pre-production, and Production, and you get access to... 4

  • How to localise your 404 custom error page in Episerver

    I feel like there is a better / easier way of doing this but I couldn’t find a resource online that works (and there isn’t much I could find at the time of writing). So I’m sharing this post as an option that works, incase you haven’t found a better solution. For those who have […]

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