PageData.ACL not saving.


Hi ,
Please help me with this.
I'm creating a new page, creating writableclone of it and then saving it. But the role doesn't apprear when I right click on that page accessrights at all.
I'm creating new role as well which when I debug I see it in the ACL list of the page.
  if (!slist.Exists(role => role == DealerName.ToLowerInvariant()))
var node = newDealerNode.CreateWritableClone();
               new AccessControlEntry(node.PageName.ToLowerInvariant(), AccessLevel.Read | AccessLevel.Create | AccessLevel.Edit | AccessLevel.Publish | AccessLevel.Administer, SecurityEntityType.Role)
 DataFactory.Instance.Save(node, SaveAction.Save);
           DataFactory.Instance.Save(node, SaveAction.Publish);
Hope to get some help.
#29143 Apr 08, 2009 19:02

    Ok. I got this working. its


     PageAccessControlList acl = new PageAccessControlList(node.PageLink);
               acl.Add(new AccessControlEntry(
                         AccessLevel.Read | AccessLevel.Edit | AccessLevel.Create | AccessLevel.Delete,

    #29144 Apr 08, 2009 19:21