Programatically change a page's sort order



I need to write a UI plugin which resets a list of pages to a default sort order.

However, I cannot work out how to programatically change the sort order of a page

I have tried using PagePeerOrder property of the PageData object but this is read-only


            foreach (PageData page in newsItemPages)
                page["PagePeerOrder"] = defaultSortOrder;

Is it possible to programatically change the sort order of a page?

thanks a lot


#30239 Jun 08, 2009 18:18
  • Anders Hattestad
    Member since: 1996


    your are on the right track, but you need to make some small changes

    PageData page2=page.CreateWritableClone();
    page2.Property["PagePeerOrder"].Value = defaultSortOrder;
    EPiServer.DataFactory.Instance.Save(page2, EPiServer.DataAccess.SaveAction.Publish,


    #30242 Jun 08, 2009 22:14

    Thanks a lot - that works great...



    #30255 Jun 09, 2009 11:45
  • Ted
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    Nowadays you can use MetaDataProperties.PagePeerOrder instead of "PagePeerOrder" to avoid manually typing the property name for the sort order. It's still not available as a separate property on PageData, though.

    #143307 Jan 20, 2016 0:41