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Last updated: Jul 09 2014

This document provides a description how to plug in gadgets and components to the EPiServer editorial interface.

Plugging in gadgets to the panes

To extend the editorial interface, you are recommended to plug in customized gadgets to the navigation pane and assets pane with information related to the content. These gadgets can have their own tab on the tab toolbar.

When creating a plug-in for the edit view, the PlugInAreas attribute decides the rendering location set by the EPiServer.Cms.Shell.PlugInArea string constant:

  • AssetsPanel adds the plug-in as a gadget in the asset pane
  • DefaultAssetsGroup adds the plug-in as a tab in the asset pane
  • DefaultNavigationGroup adds the plug-in as a tab in the navigation pane
  • NavigationPanel adds the plug-in as a gadget in the navigation pane

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