Which Url Redirect Manager would you install? pros and cons

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Hi devs out there,

CMS version 10. soon 11.  Existing site.

A quick look and i find these:

I need a manager that takes care of moved and renamed pages.

Any pros and cons of these, are there any others? build you own? whats your experience?

Give me your input, thx

#185955 Dec 07, 2017 10:25
  • Philip Eliasson
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    We are using the one from BVNetwork for a couple of clients but is not currently working with the newest version of Episerver (v11).

    My opinion about this tool is that it does the work great. We migrated from a custom built one to BVN for all extra nice stuff that it has.

    For example; Logging of 404 with suggestions for redirects that you have missed out but the key feature is imports of redirects (xml files)

    Best regards

    #186099 Dec 12, 2017 14:33
  • David Knipe
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    By the looks of the project on GitHub it looks like there is a version of the BVNetwork 404 ready for Episerver v11. 

    #186113 Dec 12, 2017 15:34
  • Philip Eliasson
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    It is possible, then it is good news. I made a test upgrade on a platform late last week and at that time there was no nuget suitable for version 11.

    Best regards

    #186115 Dec 12, 2017 15:38
  • Johan Book
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    • Epinova.PermanentLinkKeeper seems to be dead since many years
    • Mogul.SEO.Manager.Package is now part of SEOToolbox and comes with a price tag


    And as for the remaining two, here's my experiences:  


    - Poor administration UI (but supports searching)
    - Does not handle Content events, only urls
    - Cannot separate urls per site/language
    - Less control if you want to roll your own handler
    + Automatically logs unhandled requests
    + Keeps track of deleted urls
    + Import of redirect lists (XML only. Would benefit from XLS)


    - Does not log unhandled requests
    - No support for importing redirect lists
    + Handles content events (but only for CMS content, not Commerce... yet)
    + Separation of urls per site/language
    + OK-ish admin UI (lacks pagination/searching)
    + Allows for better control in custom handler

    RedirectManager seems to be a living project so creating PRs to make it better is probably a way forward.

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    Thanks for your feedback Johan Book. Never used BVN. But i finally used RedirectManager, and has contributed to the repo (keeping track of content moving, also features åäö and other non default characters).

    RedirectManager is very simple, as the owner wanted it to be. And there is room for approvement from community.


    #198731 Nov 05, 2018 13:36
  • Mattias Brage
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    I'm also looking for a nice 301-handler.

    Does the RedirectManager have a built in support for importing and exporting redirects?

    I know the BVN have support for that which is a huge plus. On the other hand the auto wire up on page events looks really nice in the RedirectManager....

    #198741 Nov 05, 2018 14:19
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    Hey Mattias,

    No it does not have importing and exporting redirects as Johan states. But shouldn't be any biggy building it and adding it to the solution. Couple of hours. RedirectManager is build based on "WebPages".

    #198742 Nov 05, 2018 15:15
  • Johan Book
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    RedirectManager has no support for importing/exporting redirects (yet).

    Auto-event wire-up is nice. But again, this is only implemented for CMS so far. And the move handler does not seem to be working properly (checking it now).

    #198745 Nov 05, 2018 17:28