Firefox functionality in future releases?

Linda Aspsjö
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Are there any plans on developing the editor mode for Firefox in future releases of EPiServer CMS? If thats the case, when?

I tried to do a serach for the info but couldn't find any recently added...

#23761 Sep 15, 2008 15:12
  • ls
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    Hello Linda,
    You are not mentioning what EPiServer version your Web site is based on, but from EPiServer CMS 5, R1 you are able to work in the Edit Mode in Firefox. There are a few limitations in Firefox, but I would say that the day-to-day work for the editor's are absolutely possible to do now with Firefox.

    The following is not supported for Firefox 2 in EPiServer CMS 5 R1:

    • The main Editor. A separate editor is available for download that is integrated in EPiServer CMS, even if the functionality might differ slightly from the standard editor.
    • Microsoft Office integration.
    • Multiple file upload.
    • On-page editing for a page in View mode.
    • Editing of XForms forms.
    • Export of form data to Microsoft Excel.

    So, everything else except from the above mentioned functions good in Firefox. I am working with our own sites in Firefox from time to time and it is very rarely any problems.

    Hope this was an answer to you question.

    /Lena Spegel

    #23800 Sep 16, 2008 22:13
  • henriknystrom
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    Hi Lena,

    I don't know what parts Linda is after but to me, the edit mode cannot be considered fully functional in firefox without at least the wysiwyg editor and possibly the forms editor. The effort that where put into R1 to get it as far as it has come is highly appreciated, and I know that as a developer you can replace the editor with another one, but even that won't create a complete user experience for the editors if not every plugin (Image resize, Dynamic Content etc.) is replicated in that editor.

    Therefore it would be really interesting to know if there are further work being done in this area that we could expect in some future release or if you feel happy with the current level of web standards (i.e. other browsers) support you are providing.


    #23805 Sep 17, 2008 0:17
  • pappabj0rn
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    The next release of EPiServer, R2, features a new XForms editor that should work in Firefox. The XHTML-editor is still more or less the same, although there have been alot of discussions about how to fix it.

    I haven't got any info about when we might expect another editor.

    #23836 Sep 17, 2008 13:50
  • mg

    Yes, we have future plans to support a big variety of browsers in the future for all EPiServer user interfaces by following web standards (instead of designing for a specific set of browsers). Our goal is to fully support web standards instead of using proprietary technology (such as the Internet Explorer features that we rely on today).

    However, it is not a quick fix to rebuild, replace and redesign the product to support any browser or emerging technology. We are currently starting up a few projects to get both page and content editing browser independent, including full support for web standards and validation. We're planning to release this in 2009.

    I know this is a somewhat vague answer, my main statement is that; yes, we are aware of web standards and yes we are committed to support web standards in our future products.

    Questions and comments are welcome.

    Best regards

    Mattias Nordgren
    Product Manager User Interfaces
    EPiServer CMS



    #23859 Sep 17, 2008 16:42
  • henriknystrom
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    Thanks Greger and Mattias,

    As I said, I realize how much effort you put it to get as far as you have in making the UI standards compliant and it is nice to hear that you are continuing that effort and that we can expect an even better user experience across browsers in coming releases! Just needed to be reassured that this was still a priority!

    Greetings from the south side

    Henrik Nyström

    #23875 Sep 18, 2008 1:12
  • bar10dr
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    Any news/timeframe regarding getting the XHTML-editor browser independent?

    A lot of our clients use FireFox as their main browser but are forced to use Internet Explorer when creating new articles.

    #29758 May 12, 2009 14:03
  • grenersen
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    You can change the standard WYSIWYG editor with this one
    #29814 May 18, 2009 9:45
  • mg


    Nicolai: the EPiServer CMS R3 release is scheduled for Q4 2009 and will contain the new XHTML editor which will work in major browser editions and platforms.

    Until then, feel free to investigate the various editor integrations done within the EPiServer development community (example the above mentioned integration at EPiCode).

    For those interested, we have chosen TinyMCE as the editor which will be integrated and shipped with the R3 release.


    #30146 Jun 02, 2009 17:19