R2 installation with R1 still running

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Thought I just ask this question just in case we do this on our server. Can I install R2 on the server and then still have an R1 sp3 site running without upgrading? Will the scheduler and such things be replaced?
#26206 Nov 25, 2008 15:35

    I just did that and yes, the scheduler get replaced and worse, all schedule jobs stops working too!

    Now the scheduler only works for the R2 site, not for the 4.x and 5 R1 sites :(

    A fix for this ASAP would be nice!

    #26227 Nov 26, 2008 13:07

    Try following in your R1 webconfig.worked for me

    <assemblyIdentity name="EPiServer.Scheduler.WKTL" publicKeyToken="8fe83dea738b45b7" culture="neutral" /> 

    <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="5.1.422.4" />

    #26327 Edited, Dec 02, 2008 13:56
  • Frode Solvang
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    Can anyone confirm that this fix works, and that R2 can be installed on the same server as an R1 site is running?

     Thanks !


    #30022 May 27, 2009 9:58
  • anders.murel
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    I have a site with both R1 and R2 running. Works fine, except from the scheduled job issue that is solved with the web.config change described above.
    #30023 May 27, 2009 10:22