workflows definitions gone




I've installed the CMS R2 with the public templates.

I can't find the buil in workflows anywhere.

the Administration of Workflows in the admin mode is empty


#24774 Oct 07, 2008 15:19
  • Johan Björnfot
    Member since: 2004

    In R2 the build in definitions are outcommented in web.config by default.

    To get the built in workflows registered you have to add the definition elements in web.config. So you should make sure you have a section like:

    <workflowSettings workflowDelayedLoading="false">
          <workflowHost type="EPiServer.WorkflowFoundation.AspNetWorkflowManager,EPiServer.WorkflowFoundation" />
              name="Sequential Approval"
              description="A sequential approval workflow for pages"
               type="EPiServer.WorkflowFoundation.Workflows.SequentialApproval,EPiServer.WorkflowFoundation" />
               name="Parallel Approval"
               description="A paralell approval workflow for pages"
               type="EPiServer.WorkflowFoundation.Workflows.ParallelApproval,EPiServer.WorkflowFoundation" />
                name="Request for feedback"
                description="Assigns request for feedback tasks to users/roles"
                type="EPiServer.WorkflowFoundation.Workflows.RequestForFeedback,EPiServer.WorkflowFoundation" />
                 name="Ready for translation"
                  description="Assigns translation tasks to users/roles"
                  type="EPiServer.WorkflowFoundation.Workflows.ReadyForTranslation,EPiServer.WorkflowFoundation" />


    #24942 Edited, Oct 08, 2008 13:15
  • steven.pap
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    Please advise why the default sequential WFlow does not stop the page from being published. OR notify via mail ? I have checked that the mail server sends mails with a custom app. (even if mail is not working the page should not be pubished.?)

    What I'm expecting is that I configure the Wflow to fire on page creations and link it to an area in epi e.g news section.. that then mails the group i set under the 'Start Parameters' and the group of users should receive notification that a page has been created, then they approve it + it gets published? on thing that does concern me is that in the 'Start Parameters' section the text says 'Approval Workflow for Page {PageName}'

    should it not have a proper name depending on my settings?



    #26135 Nov 20, 2008 18:34
  • steven.pap
    Member since: 2007

    Ok.. I received a mail, now.. I set it to all pages for now to get some results..

    I'm still expecting the page to not be published then approved by a user? should i jus tlock down the user account that creates pages to not have publish rights?


    #26136 Nov 20, 2008 19:06