Can't get alternat files to work

Per Nergård
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Yesterday I tried to get alternating files to work. We have a 4.62B installation.

In appsettings I added EPfAlternateFiles set to true. I added a folder called "edit_" at the same "level" as to original edit folder.

I added a copy of the NewPage.aspx to the edit_ folder with . The codebehind file is a a copy of the original codebehind dumped out with reflector.

I added a text to both the original NewPage and the new one to be able to see which one is used and it's always the original one.

What have I done wrongr?



#27075 Jan 16, 2009 9:29
  • pappabj0rn
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    It should be "EPfEnableAlternateFiles", or was that a typo?

    web.config settings

    #27207 Jan 20, 2009 17:58
  • Per Nergård
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    Im almost 100% sure it's a typo but since it's should be no problem to do this maybe it's was an attack of some afternool dyslexia.

     I'll give it another try.



    #27209 Jan 20, 2009 19:14