Upgrading an old Relate Site using nuget



I need to upgrade a Relate site from EPiServer 7.19.2 using nuget and so far don't seem to upgrade past 10.0.1 of EPiServer, I get the message:

Unable to resolve dependencies 'EPiServer.CMS.Core 11.3.1' is not compatible with 'EPiServer.CommonFramework 8.0.0 constraint: EPiServer.CMS.Core (>= 10.1.0 && < 11.0.0)', 'EPiServer.Mail 9.0.1 constraint: EPiServer.CMS.Core (>= 10.0.1 && < 11.0.0)'

I'm assuming that the highest version of Community/Relate is currently 8.0.0 and that it's not possible to upgrade past 10.0.1 of CMS with this, is this correct?

Does anyone know if there are plans to provide upgrades of Community to keep in line with CMS - I'm guessing not...



#186848 Jan 05, 2018 17:26
  • Eric
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    Hi as far as I have understand the module of community is not going to be upgraded anymore.. sadly. Instead you shoud "migrate" to episerver social, https://world.episerver.com/Social/since I am one of the developer behind relate templatepackate I am glad they have decided to drop that but at the same time episerver social should be more developed and be possible to run on premise :) 

    #186929 Jan 08, 2018 22:55