How to display Best bet description on search page?

Per Nergård
Member since: 2007

I have a search query where we use UnifiedSearch and best bets. So on the search page I would like to display the best bet descripton if it's a best bet hit. On the SearchHit I can se if it's a best bet and styling but how do I get the description text?

#180652 Jul 19, 2017 16:46
  • Bob Bolt
    Member since: 2014

    Per, Have you seen this page & header? Best Bet search results ?

    #180653 Jul 19, 2017 21:39
  • Per Nergård
    Member since: 2007


    Yes I have read it but couldn't find any info. It seems that it should work out of the box with just using the content in the SearchHit.Excerpt. I have REST-Method where I do basically the same search and there I can se the best bet description on the response. Weird but maybe we manipulate the searchhit somewhere but it doesn't seem that way. I will investigate further..

    #180660 Jul 20, 2017 8:33
  • Per Nergård
    Member since: 2007

    We had some specialhandling for the excerpt causing it to not display the best bet. So Best bets is handled automatically and title and excerpt from the best bet is displayed through the normal properties on the UnifiedSearchHit

    #180663 Jul 20, 2017 10:18