Upgrading EPiServer

Magnus Eriksson
Member since: 2004

Is there a guide/tutorial anywhere on how to upgrade EPiServer? Right now I'm a bit confused as to what configuration program to use for which version... Those I can recall using at some time are:
- EPiServer Manager
- EPiServer CMS Manager
- EPiServer Installation Manager
- EPiServer Deployment Center

Let's say I have a basic CMS site running on EPiServer 5.1.422.4/Win2003/IIS6 (I do actually) and I would like to upgrade to the latest version (R2 SP1?), how would I go about doing this? Do I need to upgrade in several steps or can I go directly to the latest version?

Is it perhaps easier doing it manually?


#29608 May 06, 2009 17:56
  • Petter Klang
    Member since: 2008

    Hi Magnus,

    I can see how it can be confusing. Let's see if I can make some sense of it.

    1. EPiServer Manager <- The Manager for CMS 4 sites
    2. EPiServer CMS Manager <- The Manager for CMS 5 R1 sites
    3. EPiServer Installation Manager <- The Manager for CMS 5 R2 sites
    4. EPiServer Deployment Center <- Same as 3. but renamed.

    Now for your highly hypothetical question Wink

    1. Use the EPiServer CMS Manager to upgrade to R1 SP2
    2. Download EPiServer CMS R2 and run the Setup.exe file.
    3. Use the EPiServer Installation Manager and run the upgrade script.
    4. Download EPiServer CMS R2 SP1 and run the Setup.exe file
    5. Use the now renamed EPiServer Deployment Center and run the upgrade script.

    It may sound like a lot of work but really just some button clicks away. Hope I made it a bit more clear.

    Do you have more sites running on the server?

    #29610 May 06, 2009 18:37
  • Magnus Eriksson
    Member since: 2004

    Thanks a bunch for the info Petter!

    Yes, we have a lot of EPiServer sites running on that server, with versions ranging from 4.61 to R2 SP1. That makes using the "EPiServer Installation Manager" hard I guess since it's already been upgraded to "EPiServer Deployment Center" (for installing R2 SP1 on antother site). It isn't possible to use Deployment Center for upgrading R1 SP2 to R2? Should I then uninstall Deployment Center (R2 SP1) and install Installation Manager (R2)?


    #29635 May 07, 2009 12:51
  • Petter Klang
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    Right then you will have all the managers you will need. Just upgrade the site to R1 SP2 with the EPiServer CMS Manager and then open the Deployment Center.In that you should see something like this if you expand the 5.2.375.7 (R2) folder you will find the upgrade script from R1 SP2. Then the last upgrade script will be under the 5.2.375.113 (R2SP1) folder.

    #29643 May 07, 2009 14:17