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Last updated: Mar 31 2014

This document provides an introduction to the user interface in EPiServer CMS. Th​e UI is based on a framework with a server-side part based on ASP.NET MVC, and a client-side part using the JavaScript library Dojo. The UI offers context awareness where possible, to have the page/use​r control to automatically reload when the context is changed, to display customized content.

The EPiServer user interface is component-based and pluggable.​ The UI framework is used in both EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Commerce.

You can also download and install an EPiServer sample site to explore an example of how the user interface is implemented.

  • Support for drag-and-drop functionality based on the DND system in Dojo.
  • Extendable navigation for easy access to customized modules from the top global menu.
  • Support for Dojo Toolkit including Dijit for widgets, as well as JQuery.
  • The same user interface framework is used across platform parts.

Examples of extentable parts


The EPiServer user interface is component-based and pluggable, which means that you can do the following:

  • Customized gadget​​​​​​​s to the left and right panes in the editorial user interface
  • Customized gadgets to the dashboard
  • Plug-ins to the administration interface

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