Last updated: Oct 11 2018

Area: Episerver DXC Service Applies to versions: Not applicable

Custom maintenance page

When running Episerver DXC Service, you have the option to create a customized maintenance page, to be displayed if the site has to be taken down during for example deployments. Here we describe the options and limitations for maintenance pages.

How it works

During deployments where the site needs to be taken offline, you have the option to add a custom maintenance page that will be displayed during the deploy. Create an HTML page called maintenancepage.htm, and add it in the root directory of your application, to be used for deployments.

This maintenance page will not be able to use any other files in the environment. Resources such as CSS, Javascript, images must either be hosted somewhere else or embedded in the HTML file to be visible during maintenance.

Size limitations

The file size needs to be at least 512 bytes and less than 1 Mb.

If you do not add this file, a generic maintenance page will be used instead.

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