Multilingual community (multiple markets)



We want our community to have specific forums, galleries etc. for each market/language, but all modules seem to be global in nature. Is there a good way to have a synchronised (but translatable) forum tree for all markets, but with specific forum posts for each?


#29815 May 18, 2009 10:37
  • tost
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    Hi Gunnar,

    Not totally sure of what you want to do, but it seems like you could use something we call site partitioning. In the Community platform you can specify multiple "sites" - be aware this is not IIS sites, but rather a way of partitioning user data. In the admin interface you can create several sites. For almost all the methods in the community there is an overload that takes a Site, passing in NULL will be the global site, but you could also pass in a "sub site".

    Maybe this could help...

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    #29826 May 18, 2009 14:32