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Just implemented Broken Link handling on a site based on .Net's CustumeError redirect on 404s(Web.Config). 

This works like a charm on development enviroment - But when pushing it to production the 404 event is never handled by .Net's CustomError, and the redirect is simply never performed. Client just get a normal 404 error. 

To me it seemse like it is some how handled by EPiServer, but have no idea how/where. 

Any got idea or points on where to go with this issue ?

#28751 Mar 20, 2009 11:53

    Turns out that the server correctly redirectly broken links to .aspx files that do not exsist.

    But all other  file types (html, php etc for test) is not redirected. Same goes for EPiServer friendly urls like /About.

    I'm am how ever still baffled over what is going on here :(



    #28764 Mar 20, 2009 15:35
  • Steve Celius
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    EPiServer has its own error handling, and your custom error settings wont be used.

    Have a look at the 404handler on EPiCode, or put your rewrite logic into your own url rewrite provider.


    #28766 Mar 20, 2009 16:22

    Guessing that is the "Incorrect Link" page that is default displayed  ? That is not even working.

    After debugging it further i think it is the IIS that is not handling Custom Errors correctly. 

    Currently EPiServer error handling is disabled and IIS is set to redirect all errors to "/Error-page" but only broken links with a .aspx extension is redirected.

    Turning EPiServer error handling on makes no difference. 

    I would by gratefull for hints, points or questions on this :)


    /Klaus M. Jensen

    #28807 Mar 23, 2009 11:38