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Hi there,

This was the first time that I have added a XForms template in CMS5 - as our other websites that have XForms are CMS4 - therefore I don't have a working example.

I downloaded the Public Package with the Xforms template example and the Xform is displayed correctly - however when the submit button is clicked (which is setup to send an email and then redirect to another page) it doesn't work, it just performs a postback.

The event that is assigned to the AfterSubmitPostedData property of the FormControl is not fired when the button is clicked - the button does however cause a postback. The FormControl.FormDefinition.IsSent property after the submit button is clicked is false which is why I presuming the AfterSubmitPostedData event isn't triggered?

Below is the definition of the submit button:

<input class="xFormButton" type="submit" onclick="WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions(new WebForm_PostBackOptions("ctl00$ctl00$ContentPlaceHolderContent$ContentPlaceHolderContent$XForm1$FormControl$ctl00", "", true, "", "", false, false))" name="ctl00$ctl00$ContentPlaceHolderContent$ContentPlaceHolderContent$XForm1$FormControl$ctl00" value="Submit Query"/> 

Any help would be appreciated Smile

#26966 Jan 11, 2009 23:29
  • Mattias Andersson
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    Are you sure the problem isn't in your smtp settings?


    #26971 Jan 12, 2009 10:59
  • Erik Nordin Wahlberg
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    You don't have a field that you've set to be required but is empty?
    #26977 Jan 12, 2009 15:31
  • Anders Hattestad
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    or maybe the javascript function WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions dosnt exists. check the rest of your html code. Have happened me when I was a bit to clever with some cacheing :)

    If the  javascript isnt there you can as a quick fix add a asp:Linkbutton in your masterpage. that will add javascript function.

    #26982 Jan 12, 2009 19:58

    Hi there,

     thanks for the responses - as it turns out it was my SMTP settings, thanks Mattias.



    #26984 Jan 13, 2009 3:33