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I get this error message when I try to view the EPiTrace web page after installation of EPiTrace 1.3 on EPi5 R2 SP1. "Error when creating the EPiServer.Configuration.Settings.All list: The <episerver> configuration section could not be found in the configuration file". The installation program does not report any errors. Have anyone experienced this and know why this error occur?

#30890 Jun 25, 2009 15:27
  • Chris Randall
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    Sounds like your web.config file is missing the <episerver><configSections></configSections></episerver> tags or such like.  Try overwriting your old one with the one that comes with the installation, and make it accessible to the ASP.Net worker process (ASPNET)

    It is such a common problem in EPiServer that something has been omitted or is configured incorrectly. Having done about 5 installation of 4.3-4.6 and 1 of 5 R2 SP2 I have found that this kind of thing is common.

     Come on EPiServer, couldn't you get an online help section whereby people can search for common responses.  Some of the errors there is no way of telling what the problem is.  EPiServer - being closed source - doesn't have much Google content. A lot of the errors I search for have like one hit (a Googlewhack or something right?)

     Anyway  good luck and let us know how it goes.

    #31000 Jun 30, 2009 9:52
  • Lars Flågan
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    #32763 Sep 16, 2009 16:45