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If a development team wants to share the folders Global/Pages/Documents, how is that scenario set up? By placing the folders on a network share and point out the UNC in web.config virtual directory section? What permissions should be applied to the folders? 


#28282 Mar 01, 2009 20:10
  • Lars Bodahl
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    You will not be able to set up Global... as network shares. EPiServer will only give you an error. The easiest way to solve your problem, is to set up folder syncronization betweenthe developers. Microsoft's Synctoy is a perfect product for this :)

    You can download it here:

    Lars Øyvind Bodahl 

    #28294 Mar 02, 2009 12:00
  • nick.urry
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    You should be able to have the directories on a shared network folder provided that you can reference it via a mapped drive. Once you have the folders in place and the drive mapped then update the 'physicalpath' property on each of the vitual path providers configured in the web.config file. For a develoment environment giving the Network Service account modify permissions to the folders should be adequate, for a production environment I would recommend copy the permissions as set up by the EPiServer installation manager.


    #28320 Mar 03, 2009 12:24
  • Hans Kindberg
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    But is it possible to give the "Network Service" account from a different machine access rights to the shared folders?

    See thread:

    This explains my problem.


    #28680 Mar 18, 2009 10:15