EPiServer CMS 5.2.375.7 - vs 2008 integration


hi i have installed EPiServer CMS 5.2.375.7

Then i used episerver installation manager to create a site all fine, i can add pages properties etc.

Now the question: since i have a web site and i open a web site with visual studio 2008, there is no episerver template available, i cannot for example add a custom property type(i imagine that the property is registered during this process because simply creating the cs filles for the new property was not enough - i cannot see the new prop in the list of episerver available properties)

 The other option i have, create a new episerver project directly from visual studio is no good either, i have no admin files, no nothing


So am i doing something wrong?

Any help apreciated



#26329 Dec 02, 2008 14:34
  • Lars Bodahl
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    You need to install the "EPiServerVsIntegration.msi" as described here:

    If you are new to EPiServer, you should have a look at this link, they have gathered a lot of usefull information:


    Regarding your note on missing admin files, they changed the file structure in R2, so all the admin/edit files are located in your program files folder.  (It's described in the first link)

    Lars Øyvind

    #26367 Dec 03, 2008 0:39

    I ran that msi and it worked since i can see the templates once i create an episerver project

    My question is, what do i do with the site that is created by episerver installation manager?

    So the steps are:

    1.create site using  episerver installation manager

    2.open ms visual studio 2008

    3.File->open web site->Local IIS->select previously created web site and open it

    4. Try to create a custom property, select add new item and? now what do i do?there is no episerver template available




    #26373 Dec 03, 2008 9:53


    i really need an answer can it be done or no?

    as simple as that

    #26417 Dec 04, 2008 15:25
    nvm i modified the public templates csproj so its ok now
    #26419 Dec 04, 2008 16:09
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    What's up with that name?
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