Using the WYSIWYG-editor from aspx page

Anette Bergström
Member since: 2001


I'm creating a forum on my intranet (EPi 4.62 B). When the user posts an answer in a discussion, a subpage to the forum is created. I'm using the editor from an aspx page (a property with editmode=true) so that the user has access to functionality like bold, italic, the linktool and so on.

<EPiServer:Property PropertyName="MainInfo" runat="server" id="infoEdit" EditMode="True">

But when a user wants to add an image or document (by clicking the buttons in the editor) a login-box appears instead of the filemanager. The user has read, create, change and publish rights on the page where the forum page will be created. The user is not part of the webeditor or webadmin group.

How can I use the editor from an aspx-page and be able to access the file manager to select images or documents without the login-box?

#29429 Apr 27, 2009 14:21
  • Anders Hattestad
    Member since: 1996
    set own access rights in web.config for the /cms/ui/filmanager (or something like that)
    #29444 Apr 27, 2009 23:37
  • Anette Bergström
    Member since: 2001
    Ah, the problem is solved by setting access rights in web.config to the file FileManagerBrowser.aspx in the [your-secure-path]edit folder. Thanks Anders for pointing me in the right direction...
    #29446 Apr 28, 2009 9:18