Magnus Flisberg
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I am looking for how to work with E-learning and EPiServer. I have found the module Ultilearn.

I have found very little documentation about this module and no references at all where it is used. Does anybody of you have any experience on this module and like to share your thoughts about benefits and other useful information about the module?


Best Regards, Magnus

#28580 Mar 16, 2009 9:05
  • Glenn Stewart
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    Hi Magnus,

    We at Ultimedia (UK EPiServer partners) developed Ultilearn for several EPiServer clients to be an LMS/LCMS which would run on EPiServer as the LCMS part of the e-learning offering.

    I would be happy to supply you with the latest manuals for CMS5. Several videos and general information exist on our site www.ultimedia.co.uk

    Cheers...Glenn Stewart


    #30843 Jun 24, 2009 13:38